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We love the Pacific Herbs products and have been recommending them to our clients for years. Anyone who's looking for the highest quality, tested, Chinese herbs should find and use Pacific Herbs.
- Lara Koljonen L.Ac. - Licensed Acupuncturist San Diego CA.
Pacific Herbs has the highest quality Traditional Chinese herbal remedies I've ever found. My patients see results quickly and they love the taste.
- Lena Ridly - Licensed Acupunturist
I'm an active 66 year old exercising daily and working full time. I use several of Pacific Herb products. Energy Boost is a great in the afternoon.
- Hedley J. - Photographer
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30 Days of Tips to: Stop Your Bitching...naturally!

30 Days of Tips to: Stop Your Bitching...naturally!
Brand: Pacific Herbs
Product Code: 30 Days of Tips to Stop Your Bitching...naturally!
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The spiral bound Guidebook is HERE!  


This fun and easy to read book of tips helps you stay on track day by day, all month long.

Each tip is an easy to do and takes only minutes each day. 

Follow along according to your cycle and you'll find your

Periods getting more manageable

and less painful after just 30 days of these easy to do TIPS!

Many of the ideas cost nothing!  Just practice.  It's fun and easy to implement these strategies into your

life.   Guaranteed to work for you.  The more you do, the fast you will see results.   

"Stop Your Bitching"  and end the cycle of painfull monthly Periods, forever. 

It's all about learning what's driving your hormones and how to keep them in balance with food,

exercise and practices from Eastern medicine used for centuries. 



5 ( 5 / 5 )
This has helped me so much! I love all the tips. It's been easy to make a few changes and you'll be happy to know I've switched all my makeup and lotions to paraben free brands. Thanks for writing this.

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