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We love the Pacific Herbs products and have been recommending them to our clients for years. Anyone who's looking for the highest quality, tested, Chinese herbs should find and use Pacific Herbs.
- Lara Koljonen L.Ac. - Licensed Acupuncturist San Diego CA.
Pacific Herbs has the highest quality Traditional Chinese herbal remedies I've ever found. My patients see results quickly and they love the taste.
- Lena Ridly - Licensed Acupunturist
I'm an active 66 year old exercising daily and working full time. I use several of Pacific Herb products. Energy Boost is a great in the afternoon.
- Hedley J. - Photographer
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Fertility Tea Herb Pack - 1 months supply

New Fertility Tea Herb Pack - 1 months supply
Brand: Pacific Herbs
Product Code: Fertility Tea Herb Pack
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Fertility Tea contains the best fertility supplements. Increase Fertility easily and safely!


Are you thinking of taking fertility supplements or drinking teas for fertility?
Pacific Herbs all natural Fertility Tea is perfect for you!


Fertility Tea - teas for fertility

  • Improve your pregnancy chances naturally by improving your egg quality. Our herb pack is the best known way to prepare your body for pregnancy.
  • Formulated by a Fertility Doctor with over 30 years of experience, (and hundreds of babies).
  • Delicious and natural, these herbs have been used safely for centuries.
  • Can be used in conjunction with IVF, in fact, many doctors recommend this Chinese herb combination.
  • Speeds up your chances at getting pregnant, drink this Chinese herbal tea blend every day.
  • Pure, tested, concentrated herbal granules help produce high quality eggs while boosting your immune system.
  • Teas for fertility can increase fertility, naturally and safely. Click the tab above to read our fertility tea reviews.

Psoralea fruit (Bu gu zhi), Rehmannia root (Shu di huang), Goji berry (Gou qi zi), Bupleurum (Chai hu), Cuscuta (Tu si zi), Curculigo rhizome (Xian mao), White Peony Root (Bai shao), Horny goat weed/Epimedium (Yin yang huo), Chinese Angelica (Dang gui), Eucommia (Du zhong), Salvia root (Dan shen), Ligusticum (Chuan xiong), Licorice root (Gan cao), Stevia leaf extract

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Hi everyone, I am here to let you all know how I got prego very quickly with the help of Fertility Tea Herb Pack. I took it for only two months and I used an ovulation predictor kit. My partner and I are thrilled and we are expecting in September. Thanks for making this great product. I really loved the taste and almost miss drinking my daily tea. I highly recommend this product, it worked for us.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
We're are PREGO! I think the herbs helped. Took them for 2 months and couldn't be happier to report the news. Thanks
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I'm not sure if it was the tea that did it, but after my wife used your tea for a few months sure enough she got pregnant. Thanks!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Just a quick note to tell you it worked!!! I took Fertility Tea for 4 months and just found out I'm pregnant. We're thrilled, of course and really appreciate your advise and great product.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I started taking this product and within 3 months my cycle normalized and I had much more energy. Yesterday my doctor confirmed I'm 6 weeks pregnant. We are thrilled. I highly recommend the Fertility Tea to anyone trying to get pregnant. It gave me more energy and I love the taste.

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