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We love the Pacific Herbs products and have been recommending them to our clients for years. Anyone who's looking for the highest quality, tested, Chinese herbs should find and use Pacific Herbs.
- Lara Koljonen L.Ac. - Licensed Acupuncturist San Diego CA.
Pacific Herbs has the highest quality Traditional Chinese herbal remedies I've ever found. My patients see results quickly and they love the taste.
- Lena Ridly - Licensed Acupunturist
I'm an active 66 year old exercising daily and working full time. I use several of Pacific Herb products. Energy Boost is a great in the afternoon.
- Hedley J. - Photographer
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Pacific Herbs

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The spiral bound Guidebook is HERE!     This fun and easy to read book of tips helps..
Based on 1 reviews.

Our herbs for acne promote natural healing. ..
Based on 1 reviews.

100 grams of concentrated herbal granules (3.5 oz)   5:1 Extract:   1 gram ..

The "Combo Plate Special" is designed for health practitioners who want have a variety of ..
Based on 2 reviews.

Use Corydalis for Pain Relief ! This blend has been historically proven effective through hund..
Based on 7 reviews.

Fertility Tea Herb Pack - 1 months supply New
Fertility Tea contains the best fertility supplements. Increase Fertility easily and safely! &nbs..
Based on 5 reviews.

100 grams/ 100,000mg - Concentrated Herbal Granules (3.5 oz) Suggested Use: 1 tsp. Once or t..
Based on 2 reviews.

Hemp Oil CBD -  Cannabidiol  2 oz Topical with Yu Nan Bai Yao New
2 oz CBD Salve -  (cannabidiol) Activated Cannabis Extract  CBD salve contains a hig..

iSleep Herb Pack Pharmaceutical Grade - Concentrated Extract Each packet of iSleep contain..
Based on 9 reviews.

Menopause Relief Herb Pack a Natural Menopause Treatment 30-60 Day Supply We understand y..
Based on 14 reviews.

NEW!!! The Natural Way To Treat Your Nervous Pet ! Chinese herbs first recorded use on domesti..
Based on 4 reviews.

Relax Herb Pack  The Stress Hormone Stabilizer   ONE MONTH SUPPLY PACKET Red..
Based on 8 reviews.

Skinny Boost Herb Pack : Chinese Herbs for weight loss. This herbal extract used for centurie..
Based on 9 reviews.

Sperm Boost Herb Pack - 1 months supply New
Sperm Boost Herb Pack Boost your sperm health naturally!   Sperm count matters when yo..
Based on 1 reviews.

Stop Your Bitching! The Step By Step Guide To Balance Hormones & End PMS & Menstrual Cram..
Based on 1 reviews.

Weight Loss Package - Skinny Boost Herb Pack & Ear Seeds New
Skinny Boost Herb Pack & Weight Loss Ear Seeds Get both products and quickly boost your w..

30 Day Supply in Each Packet Are your worth $2.00 A Day For Wellness?   DID YOU KN..
Based on 8 reviews.

Take Back Your Day! Don't Let PMS and Cramps Control Your Life! PMS Relief tastes great. Fas..
Based on 14 reviews.

; 30 Day Supply in Each Packet   DID YOU KNOW?      Better Sex = Bet..
Based on 6 reviews.